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Addiction Creator

Nikao specializes in the art of training your brain to WANT what you want to want. He is the Addiction Creator. If you could naturally, authentically, and realistically create an addiction to ANYTHING in 3 months, what would it be? An addiction to the gym? To overcoming your fears? To healthy food? To your spouse? What do you wish you were addicted to? What do you wish you would crave?

Most leaders quietly struggle with that one dark habit, that one inner demon, that seems to always be there.

Whether the addiction is drugs, food, sex, alcohol, or any other form of self-sabotage, Nikao is The Confidential Strategist in creating the addictions you want, and eliminating the addictions and lifestyle patterns that you don’t want. He is the results-oriented, discrete doctor and strategist of brain science to high-achievers. Nikao is intensely confidential, compelling, direct, and effective. He personally selects who he is willing to work with one-to-one. His clients include nationally known celebrities, politicians, pastors, and business leaders.

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Dr. Nikao’s brand of interactive, effective coaching is designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts necessary to create the lifestyle you want. You can look forward to understanding your brain and how to use it to create what you want, an unstoppable self-image and self-power, plus the accountability to make your goals happen. With rigorous application of these principles and strategies, each participant experiences incredible results in all areas of their lives.

This program is a strategically designed mix of education, accountability, and action to achieve the progressive realization of your dream life.
If selected, you will finally understand and apply the Higher Side of Your Mind. Give yourself 12 weeks of understanding the magic you have within you. Freedom is possible. You can soar.