Phillip Nikao

Lifestyle and Habit Strategist

Addiction Creator

Recognized as a Passionate Voice of Oneness, Reason, and Relevance, Nikao is blazing new trails in the vast world of business, success, psychology, and science-based energy.

In his raw and compelling style, he has evolved from the corporate desk to entrepreneur, from institutionalized religion to transformational practicality, from following the crowd to leading it.

Nikao believes that within every person is a spark of genius, creativity, and passion. His pursuit in life is laser focused on connecting people to that spark in consciousness and manifest reality. Along the way, he has discovered that the conventional systems of change and growth are often severely lacking, and mediocre at best. So Nikao has taken the road less traveled, often at great personal sacrifice, to help pave the high road of empowered living, impactful prosperity, and authentic success.

Growing up in an Amish home set the stage for Nikao’s life-journey, experiencing early in life the difficulty and pain of “breaking out”, yet the reward and joy of life transformation.

As a passionate student of neuroscience and psychology, Nikao continues to lead and study from a perspective of finding practical solutions to life’s complexity. His passion for life-transformation quickly led to public speaking early in life, which in turn brought Nikao face-to-face with the incredible need for personal life-coaching, a real and touchable process that brings practicality to information.

In 1999, Nikao developed and implemented a highly successful Life Coaching team, and yet again, built bridges between the mass audiences in his public speaking career with the personalization of life-coaching.

In his journey, he has spoken before thousands, even sharing the stage with leaders like Zig Ziglar, Rudolph Guliani, and Margaret Thatcher. He has traveled to other countries, spoken and lectured in high schools and colleges, and is a confidant to business and spiritual leaders across the country.